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Banner with photos of permanent jewelry. First photo, from left to right, is two arms with two gold bracelets on each. Center photo, girl welding bracelet on anther person.
At 27 West we offer custom 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Bracelets, Anklets, and Necklace Jewelry to help you celebrate yourself, a special bond or event in your life! Each piece is tailored just for you.   We help find the exact length, style and fit and your jewelry can be customized by adding a special charm or connector. We finish the process with a quick mini weld with our micro welder!   We can't wait to help you design something that is uniquely yours!
FAQs: Permanent jewelry is jewelry that you can't take off. Rather than closing a bracelet or necklace with a traditional clasp, the chain is welded together with a microwelder. Many people get permanent jewelry as a way to pay tribute to meaningful milestones in their life or the special bonds they share with loved ones. Think of it as a modern day friendship bracelet.